Flight to Redemption by B.K. Bryans

Published by Patriot Media, Inc.


This is a story of failure and redemption along Arizona’s volatile border with Mexico. It is also a flying story about an aging pilot and some grand old airplanes of yesteryear.

After a lengthy aviation career as a Navy jet jockey, Pan Am captain, and charter pilot, Pete Maclaren suddenly quits flying and vows never to do so again. Yet here he is, flying an aged airplane at night through Mexican mountains on a reckless rescue mission. Action spiced with camaraderie and romance follows.


'In Flight to Redemption, the author gives us a novel that realistically depicts the drug and alien smuggling problems that challenge our southwestern border country, but he also gives us lingering romance, bantering friendship, and an exciting conclusion. An ageing pilot, reluctantly accompanied by a small-town doc, flies a stolen airplane into Mexico on an ill-conceived rescue mission. This is a page-turner that is difficult to put down.'

Robert Jorgensen, Brigadier General, US Army-Retired

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