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Brannigan Rides Again is the sequel to Arizona Grit (previously published as Sand), but it's still 1957. In Arizona Grit Dan Brannigan was an ex-cop ever since he decked the police chief. In this novel, he'll be a sheriff's deputy as soon as he recovers from bullet wounds. In the meantime he's working for yet another film company shooting a western movie at Old Tucson in southern Arizona. When the film's equine star is stolen and a dead cowboy is left behind, Dan is hired to bring back the horse. Dan's problem is that he sympathizes with the thief.

Nevertheless, Brannigan saddles up and, aided by a colorful Pima Indian tracker, picks up the trail. They ride into Arizona's Mogollon Rim country and then into Mexico, where caca pasa.

* * *

Like Arizona Grit, Brannigan Rides Again is a product of the author's memories of being a teenage horse wrangler for Gene Autry's Flying-A Productions when that company was filming western movies for TV at the Old Tucson set. That series starred Richard Arlen of Wings fame.

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