Sample from The Dog Robbers


     Yokosuka Bay rippled as a long pole with a boat hook on the end rose from the murky waters and stood, periscope-like, a foot away from the cruiser’s darkened steel hull. The head and shoulders of a scuba diver followed, one neoprene-clad arm holding up the pole. After a few seconds, the diver hooked the boat hook over the cruiser’s scupper, then paused again, clinging to the pole, letting the ripples subside, listening.
     Satisfied, the diver secured the scuba apparatus and shrugged it off. Once harness, tank, mask, and fins were hooked to a lanyard attached to the pole’s butt end, they were lowered into the bay, out of sight. Then, hand over hand, the diver climbed the pole. Pausing at the scupper, the diver looked both ways, cocked a head to listen, then rolled onto the deck and scurried into a nearby darkened passageway. A trail of wet footprints was all that marked the intruder’s path.
     The diver knew where to go: down a short passageway to the flag wardroom, amidships on the main deck, starboard side. The wardroom’s metal door was unlocked, as expected. Once inside, light from the pier filtering in through four curtained portholes made navigation easy. The diver turned aft, avoided the long dining table, and stopped at the door to the cabin belonging to Vice Admiral Bruce Ingram, Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet. That door too was unlocked. No matter, the diver carried a tool to jimmy the lock if that had been necessary. In less than a minute, the diver was at the admiral’s bedside writing desk, using a tiny flashlight to sift through the still-unopened personal mail stacked in one of the nooks. Tiny rivulets of seawater dribbled onto the carpeting.
     “Hah,” the diver whispered when the right envelope finally appeared.

* * *

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