The Dog Robbers by B.K. Bryans

Published by Patriot Media, Inc.


After the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, U. S. forces built Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma atop the rubble of several small towns. Surviving villagers returning home found that an air base now lay across their land. They could only settle nearby, where they remain, waiting.

While the Japanese demand that MCAS Futenma be removed from Okinawa, now Japanís southernmost prefecture, the Americans want the base merely relocated to another part of the island. Negotiations have dragged on since 1996. As of April, 2012, the United States has agreed to transfer nine thousand U.S. Marines from Okinawa to other Asian locations, but the fate of MCAS Futenma remains an open issue.

The negotiations regarding MCAS Futenma form the background for this novel about a U.S. Navy admiral pulled into the argument, and his loyal band of dog robbers.

Lieutenant Deuce Riley, a US Navy pilot, is content to be a flight instructor at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, FL. Then heís suddenly ordered to Japan to be an aide to Rear Admiral Brewster Brody, who has become enmeshed in the diplomatic argument over MCAS Futenma. Neither officer is real happy about their assignment, but the result is humor, action, and romance.

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