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Flying on Fabric I

Over the decades since 1943, Naval Aviation News has, from time to time, carried great stories, pictures, and art about the U.S. Navy’s very first pilots, airplanes, and aircraft carriers. Volume I contains fifty-eight true stories of those glory days, including several written by Harold “Kiddy” Karr, who flew fighters with the French in WW I and became the Navy’s first enlisted pilot in 1920. And there are the legends: Glenn Curtiss and Eugene Ely starting it all, “Spuds” Ellyson and “Al” Cunningham pushing the boundaries, and of course, Ken Whiting, one of the true pioneers of naval aviation. (His daughter tells us Ken’s life story.) Many of the stories here are written by men who learned to fly in the twenties … and survived to lead the U.S. Navy’s victory at sea in WW II. Also included are descriptions and photos of the marvelous old aircraft, including the first two (bi-plane) Corsairs. (5.0 stars on Kindle)

Volume I covers the years 1911 to 1922.

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Flying on Fabric II

Volume II contains sixty-six true stories, including several written by Retired Rear Admiral J.R. Tate, who flew fighters off the first aircraft carriers—and had an exciting misadventure with an early parachute. He also tells us about Admiral “Bull” Halsey—the only senior officer of the time to earn Navy wings the hard way: by flying the entire syllabus. The book also delves briefly into the famous builders of Navy airplanes: Curtiss, Vought, and Grumman, and explains why there were two bi-plane Corsairs before the famous gull-winged one of WW II. This is history presented as a collection of remarkable, but true, “sea stories.”

Volume II covers the years 1922 to 1940.

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